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  • Will my signage pass city regulations?
    Many businesses don't realize that, before installing a sign, you need to meet the basic code requirements for all your local municipalities - or else you may be asked to remove your signage. Miller Sign Shoppe is thourougly versed in all the planning, zoning and municipality requirements needed to installing signage. We'll handle it from start to finish, avoiding any rework or delays with your sign - meaning you can rest easy, knowing everything is being taking care of by us. Please note, that if you have a landlord or are part of an association, you will need to pass the final artwork through them before production.
  • What type of signage do I need?
    We would be happy to help you explore your options! Please contact us and help us answer these following questions, and we will be able to recommend various options that best suit your needs. 1) Indoors or outdoors? 2) Perminent or temporary? 3) What is the visibility distance? 4) Size and quantity? 5) Budget?
  • What if I already have a design in mind?
    Great! We have design experts who can talk your concept through with you, to be sure you receive exactly what you had in mind.
  • I don't have a logo, what should I do?"
    Not every business needs a logo. Often choosing a type or font that suites the type of business you are representing is adequate. We can suggest different type styles to you that best describe the "personality" of your business. If you are interested in have our expert designers design a custom logo for your business, feel free to ask us about our design process.
  • My art files are too large to send in email.
    If you have art files that are too large for email, please shoot them over to us using Dropbox found on our "Uploads" page (the link is at the footer of this page for "Uploads").
  • What's the deal with permitting?
    More often than not, cities have code regulations in regard to most outdoor signage. Some aspects for approval are size, color, and style. By letting us help you, we will be able to handlle the whole process, from proofing to paperwork.
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